La Suprema builds Custom Tailored Steel
bicycle frames, accessories, racks, and stems
for the Cycling Tourist.
All work is one of a kind,
and personally crafted.
Time and care is taken to learn exactly
how to meet your specific needs.

Ed Foster, lead builder at La Suprema,
has been bicycle crazy since
childhood. He would spend sunny days riding,
and rainy days taking bikes apart.
Naturally drawn to all things mechanical,
Ed followed a career as a machinist,
where he gained experience making
specialty tools, mechanical equipment,
and fixtures.

He earned two degrees in the subject,
as well as a degree in fine art.
As a dedicated bicycle commuter
and passionate mountain biker;
Ed is committed to building the finest,
personally crafted bicycles.

Drawing on his experience in manufacturing,
Ed designs and builds bicycles with the same
approach used for manufacturing any precision

Ed and the team at La Suprema
insist upon continuous product improvement.
As the need arises, they make
new tools and refine the process. In this way,
the shop adapts to advances and trends in
bicycle manufacture. 130 years after the
invention the bicycle,
La Suprema believes
frame building can still evolve.

Craftsmanship is vital. Our mission is to build
frames which are built to purpose, strong,
simple, reliable, and affordable.
With no corners cut.







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