___A "spy satellite" detonated high above the Mojave desert ,
sending a massive electromagnetic pulse across the continent.
_The invisible shock wave disabled vehicles, blacked out computers,
___shut down power stations, stopped the supply chain.
__As food rotted in warehouses, riots and anarchy erupted in our cities.

___Without electronic containment, a top secret biological weapon
_leaked into sewers and water supplies. Weaponized spores spread rapidly
from host to host, and across the globe. Only those who were mobile
and self sufficient postponed the chaos.

___This machine belonged to one survivor.
Its design is adaptable, durable, and multi purpose.

___The bike carries, and has the tools of obtaining all six survival essentials:
Water, fire, medical, shelter, signal, and food.

___Words to live by:
______If dogs won't eat it, it's probably not good for people.
__ _



Metal Art