La Suprema Handcrafted Bicycles are made
from lugged or fillet brazed, cold worked steel.
Individually designed and precision
made to fit well, ride responsively,
and last a lifetime.



Linda's Road Sport

Submariner Electronic

650 Bee

The Armageddon Bike

Gent's Racer

Mountain Touring

1910 Field Bike

S&S Sport Tour

Touring the Pacific Coast

Mountain Touring Tandem


A.P.'s 29er
Lauren's Long Frame
Larry's Townie
Sport Touring

The French Ripoff

Karl's Racer
Artisan Racer
S3 Superlight

Dave's Double Barrel
The Warden

Uncle Pistol's DX Mountain Cruiser

Monster Cross II

Monster Cross


1910 29er

Grass Racer

XC Marathon 29er


1899 Board Track
Track Sprinter

Fixie for Road and Track II
Track Pursuit -The Copper Bike-
Fixie for Road and Track
Track with Brakes
a Path Racer
Track Sprinter
Newvex Single Speed

Peter's Town Bike
The Ace
A Démontable
The Giraffe, 1896

A Stepthrough

Dolly's Burrito Bike

Stars and Bars Tandem
Crescent Moon
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