Through the hazy lens
of a toy plastic camera,
Or flawless optics:
Moments rush past
as an unstoppable river.
These images are
approximately the world as it happens.

They are evidence: Mechanically accurate
and dangerously misleading.
Some taken by choice, others by chance.
Some are keepsakes and memories,
Others a travel log,
or just a picture of the dog.

24 hour race start 2014

around the shop, working

local plant life

24 hour race, people 2012

Sedona, AZ

the Mojave desert

the San Simon river

Andy skids, photo by j.m.h.

around the shop, details

24 hour race start 2012

24 hour race start 2013

dog and bike at night

Sprocket, age three

abandoned: Copper Creek, AZ
Smokey, gray on the muzzle
K8 computes

fire side, 24 hour race

Patagonia Lake, July 4

Near Sonoita, AZ

polishing . . .

24 hour race start 2011

the Salton Sea

Sprocket, age two

facing . . .


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